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This question was answered on 6th of December 2010, 03:21 AM

Do the website in your twitter bio have to be the same as the one where you install the widget?

Posted by *eSThER* — 5th of December 2010, 08:54 AM

I have installed the widget through an WP plugin on, but in my bio I have put Do these websites have to be the same?

On I can see who is visiting my site in the widget, but when I click on "more stats" I enter the Twitter Counter website and it says there is no data and I need to install the widget on my website.


Posted on 5th of December 2010, 08:59 AM

I'm talking about the twitter remote widget..

Pablo Román

Posted on 6th of December 2010, 03:21 AM

Hi, you can install the widget in any website, doesn't need to match with the one on your twitter profile.

I checked your widget and your stats are being tracked fine, you just might need to wait some time until your widget history page is updated with new visitors.

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