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Twittermail cutting off message with shortlink is a problem for #fb

Posted by Thomas Nash — 13th of October 2010, 16:49 PM

Have been using twittermail with a #fb to send updates (from a sat phone) to both twitter and facebook. Now it seems that at about 73 characters twittermail cuts off the message and adds a shortlink so that the Facebook Selective Tweets app no longer sees the #fb and the update does not get to facebook. Is there any way to send a 130 character message without twittermail cutting it off and adding the shortlink

Sam Wierema

Posted on 18th of October 2010, 04:44 AM

Hi Thomas, you're sure that the messages you're sending are shorter than 14 characters, or are they longer?

Could you perhaps post an example link to on of the tweets?

Thomas Nash

Posted on 23rd of October 2010, 14:34 PM

Here is one I just did. My count is 132.!/tomnash/status/28527714864
A couple of others 10 days ago if you check my tweets @tomnash
We are heading into remote no cell country and I will be using a sat phone and Twittermail to post. Gave up on selective tweets. Now all tweets go to my Facebook status so this is not anyhow stopper anymore. But I still would like to avoid people having to click on a link. Greetings from Puerto Montt, Chile

Thomas Nash

Posted on 23rd of October 2010, 14:35 PM

2nd to last line anyhow=a show stopper

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