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This question was answered on 3rd of November 2010, 09:24 AM

Daily Tweets Inaccurate

Posted by Rockstar Games — 12th of October 2010, 18:49 PM

Some of our tweets don't show up properly on the day they are tweeted. Additionally, the amount of followers fluctuates and at times and will sometimes attribute followers from one day, to the wrong day, only to correct itself after a forced update.

Will these issues be resolved?

Sam Wierema

Posted on 13th of October 2010, 04:03 AM

The data you see, and the data we collect, is a snapshot of your statistics.

If all works, we take at least 1 snapshot of your Twitter data a day. This might be in the morning, so every change to your Twitter account that happens after that moment will be collected the next day (and thus improperly attributed to that day). This is unfortunate and resolved only by a forced update, as you stated.

Our premium accounts actually offer statistics by the hour. We take a snapshot every hour (as opposed to one a day) and show this in graph. More information about the Premium services can be found here: or you can contact me at [email protected]

TransLink BC

Posted on 2nd of November 2010, 13:03 PM

I have the same issue with tweets being misattributed to the wrong day. I have however signed up for a premium account today. Under premium service, is there a way to force update the old stats to ensure tweets are associated with the right day? If it helps, November 1 is the key day I'm tracking --- I don't really mind about the exact accuracy of the days before it.

Sam Wierema

Posted on 3rd of November 2010, 09:24 AM

No. Unfortunately we can not alter historic data. The Twitter API does not offer the historic data it would require for us to change this.

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