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Mails Sent to Twittermail Account Returns an Error...

Posted by ETL Support Team — 26th of April 2010, 07:53 AM


I am getting the following response for the mails sent to my secret twittermail account. However, it seems that messages are get posted randomly, but its highly unpredictable. Most of the messages are not posted, as I have noted.

I didn't change any login details on Twitter. Actually I can log in to my Twitter account using the same details as usual.

Your quick assistance is highly appreciated.

"Hello from Twittermail!,You just tried to send an e-mail to twittermail, but your login details are not working anymore.
.Maybe you changed your twitter password in the meanwhile since you registered at Twittermail?"

ETL Support Team

Posted on 5th of May 2010, 01:10 AM

BTW, my issue seems to have been solved now. The only change I did was to enter my Twitter password under twittermail settings. Eventhough it says that the password is needed Only if you want to send images to twitpic. I entered my password and ever since I haven't got any errors so far. All my mails are correctly posted to Twitter. Hope this may help you...

North Mo Skywarn

Posted on 9th of May 2010, 14:15 PM

mine stopped working a couple days ago

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