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My emails are not being tweeted by Twittermail although the first one worked

Posted by ThamesValleyBizExpo — 31st of March 2010, 09:05 AM

I have set up the id @tvbizexpo and have set it up so any emails sent to my twittermail secret email address are posted to Twitter. The first one I sent worked fine. But I have sent two since then, one was about 1.5 hours ago, the other about 1 hour ago. Neither of these have come through to Twitter. Have I done something wrong?

Cloud Nine

Posted on 1st of April 2010, 06:03 AM

Same here! First email works then I just get:

The Twitter API said:
Incorrect signature (14321605)

It went well to tweet by mail once yesterday and once today.


Posted on 1st of April 2010, 13:30 PM

Does anyone from Twittermail actually answer these problems or are we just expected to make do with something that doesn't work properly. Again today one email was sent, but subsequent emails didn't send. Hello Twittermail, can you tell me if I'm doing something wrong?


Posted on 2nd of April 2010, 06:23 AM

Further to this, I just received an email from Twittermail to say that the subject was a duplicate and so I presume this is why it won't send it. Is this right? I can't see any mention of that anywhere on this site. Also it says that my login details aren't working any more and maybe I changed my Twitter password. I haven't, and I am able to log in, so I'm not sure why it is saying this.

Sam Wierema

Posted on 2nd of April 2010, 09:56 AM

Hi. We're looking into the "Incorrect signature" problem right now, but have not found a solution as of yet. If you could, could you send me the emails you are trying to send (the first one that comes through, and the following ones that don't, in original format, so no forwards)? Plus the response emails you get from Twittermail? You can send them to sam [at]


Posted on 4th of June 2010, 07:08 AM

I've been using TwitterMail to allow students to tweet question and comments during my lectures. I'm doing this in Japan and so the students are writing messages in Japanese. If the messages are less than about 40 Japanese characters, all is well. If they are too long, however, that get the "Incorrect signature" message. Somehow, excessive length is triggering this seemingly unrelated error message.

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