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twittermail and event forwarding

Posted by Broad Creek — 26th of March 2010, 19:46 PM

i have my google calendar sending reminders to gmail, which then forwards to twittermail, which then posts on my twitter account.

the problem is from twittermail to twitter, i gain "this is a reminder for:" and lose half of my text.

i only get "reminder:(part of the subject) xx/xx/xxxx xx:xx - xx:xx this is a reminder for:"

whereas *part of the subject* is just the first 4 or 5 words of the subject and the x is the event dates and times.

I'm getting very frustrated and dont understand why the email reminder that i get in gmail can't be anywhere near the same as what pops on twitter.

I've changed the cut off phrase and "what to tweet" settings and still the same thing or just "this is a reminder for:" please help!

Arjen Schat

Posted on 31st of March 2010, 09:25 AM

can you send me an original message, on [email protected] I'll test it.

Mark Gregor

Posted on 11th of June 2010, 17:23 PM


I'm getting the same thing for a page I set up for a client. Google mail is set to filter incoming reminders to the twittermail account. The account is set for body only, no stop phrase. Nothing in the reminder email starts with "This is a reminder for:" , at least that I could see even when looking at the raw email.


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