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This question was answered on 28th of July 2011, 05:27 AM

Question: Line breaks

Posted by Projekt agade — 27th of July 2011, 16:44 PM

Hi. Thanks for solving my (an as I have seen others') problem with the cut option. Now the cut option works and you mentioned that you also enabled linebreaks in the messages. THat is not working:

is readable, but this one is hard to read without linebreaks.

What could I do, or how could you solve this probelm? Best greetings and thank you for the great work your doing - great service up to now.

Sam Wierema

Posted on 28th of July 2011, 05:27 AM

To clarify: we've resolved the linebreak issue on Twitter itself, meaning that if you have a cut-off option, the linebreaks will remain.

It would be sensible to also do this on the website. However, there are many different types of linebreaks you could do. For example turning all the linebreaks into tags would result in this:

"Few battles in history have been more scrutinized than Gettysburg’s
three blood-soaked days in July 1863, the turning point in the Civil"

Notice that the line breaks after Gettysburg's. On this page it would look allright, but I can tell you that it looks ugly on the Twittermail page.

Another option would be to only insert tags when there are two linebreaks, which in your case would nicely paragraph the page. However, I can not speak for other users, so I'm hesitant to put that live.

I will be researching some tweets sent to Twittermail to ascertain whether any solution would result in the most pleasing solution for a large proportion of users. When I have concluded that research I'll be sure to update the Twittermail page.

Projekt agade

Posted on 28th of July 2011, 10:11 AM

Great. Thanks and let my know the decision - wold be great since (in my humble opinion) everybody writing long tweets might be grateful for structre. Happy to hear from you!

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