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Trying to sign up, but account only showing @

Posted by — 1st of January 2011, 14:15 PM

I just found your service, and I'm trying to sign up to check you guys out, but when I sign into your site with through twitter it says my twitter name can't be found, and you aren't tracking any of my information from my account.

The widget says you're in maintenance mode, for 4 days now. Are you guys even in business anymore. I was thinking about signing up for your premium service, but not if I can't even get signed in right.

Fix this issue, or at least let me know how long your going to be messing with your servers. You guys have been down for almost a week it seems.

I'm starting to think you guys don't care about your customers.

Hope you get this thing fixed... soon.

I would have already gone to a different company but it seems like you're the only company doing what I want.

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