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  1. 拡散RT

    「拡散」が含まれるツイートをRTするbotです.現在テスト運用中です.挙動などに関しては本アカウントのお気に入りを参照してください.なお,本アカウント宛ての拡散依頼は受け付けておりませんのでご了承下さい.リプライも見ておりませんので,お問い合わせは @raysato までお願いします.

  2. Amex Offers
    Amex Offers

    This automated handle activates when you tweet special Amex hashtags. Find offers from brands you love @AmericanExpress Favorites tab. Questions: @AskAmex

  3. TIPAS Standard
    TIPAS Standard

    I create passwords. If you decide to use one of them, record the [#******:****] portion of the message to recall it later. See my Internet for more information.

  4. にせほるん


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  6. JR Ridinger
    JR Ridinger

    Internet marketing mogul, visionary, philanthropist, revolutionizing an economic democracy, helping people achieve their dreams...what's next?

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