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  1. M. Illani Manshoor
    M. Illani Manshoor

    God loving, joy seeking, fun loving, truth living,bullshit hating spirit of the earth

  2. KL Traffic Update
    KL Traffic Update

    Please hashtag #kltu with all your traffic update tweets. All rights reserved @jjsee.

  3. Malaysian Daily News
    Malaysian Daily News

    Tweets of ur daily news from local newspaper.Malay & english.Update each hour.Berita Harian,Metro,The Star,Harakah,Mkini etc DETAIL STORY IN LINK IN TWEET

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  5. Todd Sullivan
    Todd Sullivan

    Co-Founder and GP in Rand Strategic Partners, author of ValuePlays. Angel investor in @Estimize & @milehiorganics Backer of #FF the Film & Money for Nothing

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