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How do I verify an e-mail forward from Gmail?

WJAC Weather 04-Dec-2010 20:40:04

I need to give a confirmation code in Gmail to forward to Twittermail. I can't figure out how to do this.

Sam Wierema 06-Dec-2010 08:43:29

The most probable thing that will happen is that GMail send the confirmation link to Twittermail. We've had experiences where these emails never arrived or were cut off. Could you check if the email sent by Gmail was sent to your Twitter account?

Maldives Calendar 23-Dec-2010 04:03:30

Same problem here. Is there an Inbox in / twittermail?

Arjen Schat 23-Dec-2010 05:13:10

Why would you need to verify your twittermail address on Gmail?

WJAC Weather 24-Dec-2010 10:01:39

To forward e-mails to another account (if you're on Gmail), you must first verify that you own the e-mail. That's why you have to verify the twittermail address.

Arjen Schat 29-Dec-2010 05:20:11

Aha, I see. I have to think a bit about a solution.

Marknesse-log 29-Dec-2010 12:44:17

sorry asked the same question has somehow solved this problem

Marknesse-log 29-Dec-2010 12:48:11

sorry again

I mean has solved the problem not twitterfeed :-(

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