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How do I change the credit card that is being charged?

Mindflash 02-Nov-2010 18:36:29

How do I change the credit card that is being charged?

Sam Wierema 03-Nov-2010 09:29:29

I depends on whether you have paid via Paypal or via our new payment provider.

If you paid with Paypal it's just a question of changing your settings.

If you paid via our new payment provider it is currently not possible to change the credit card. You would need to cancel the current subscription and create a new one using the new creditcard.

Mindflash 03-Nov-2010 11:48:35

Thanks Sam, I did not set this up so I am not sure what was used. I checked the settings tab and did not see anything around payment or paypall. Would that mean the new payment provider was used or am I looking in the wrong place?

Sam Wierema 04-Nov-2010 06:23:54

Since you have a Premium account this would mean that you're using our new payment provider. It would be better if you contact me about how to handle this. You can email me at

Mindflash 08-Nov-2010 12:34:33

Hello Sam. I sent you an email last week and have not heard from you. Please contact me at to let me know what I need to do. thanks

Mindflash 10-Nov-2010 14:13:19

Hi Sam, I still have heard nothing from you.

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