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How to reset an account?

Gabriel Lijtenstein 28-Oct-2010 02:47:12

The account @SergioRamos is showing very old stats.
Is there a way to reset and/or update it?

Sam Wierema 28-Oct-2010 15:28:58

Yes. You can update the account by pressing "Update stats now" at the top of the page. It is right next to the tweet button.

Gabriel Lijtenstein 28-Oct-2010 15:34:01

I did that before asking but it doesn't works fine. Please, take a look at @SergioRamos and compare the reality with the twittercounter stats.

Sam Wierema 28-Oct-2010 15:37:55

Yeah, that does seem wrong. It's part of a known bug where accounts don't get updated after the owner changes. We're working on fixing that.

Sam Wierema 28-Oct-2010 16:31:06

Bug is fixed, account seems to have all the accurate numbers now.

Gabriel Lijtenstein 28-Oct-2010 16:40:14

That's true. Thank you!

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