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Just signed up for twitter counter.How can we propagate our discoveries with twitter so that more and more people,not only science related b

SPACE NOW 23-Oct-2010 08:01:02

Spacenow is today a registered astronomy trademark.We got 1600 plus visits last month(on spacenow) and solarview directed many of these visits.Our goal is to become a mainstream
solar system and deep sky imagery reference worldwide.Can twitter help us get there?

Sam Wierema 28-Oct-2010 15:23:24

Probably, there is many resources on how to get there. You can use TwitterCounter to track your daily growth and see how your growth is related to the number of tweets you do.

Alternatively you could sign up for a Pro Stats account to check statistics of @mentions and retweets. For more information check

Terry Gibson, Author 28-Oct-2010 16:03:49

I have two questions. First, is Twitter Pro and the website owners one a double package to sign up? Or which will give me both?

Lastly, is there anyway in twitter to call up a list which simply shows the people who you follow but a-r-e-n-'-t following you?

I'm new to this so maybe I need to read more. So far, I've only found |FollowerHub that does that? I'd rather pay here but please let me know of a non-paying option, if it exists.

I'm talking about when your follower/following ratio is way out of balance. Big numbers, not small ones.

Thanks for your time.

Terry @marieterry2010

Sam Wierema 01-Nov-2010 05:54:31

Hi Marie,

No. The Pro Stats and Site Owner packages are separate accounts, one does not include the other.

We also don't offer any service that shows people you follow but aren't following you.

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