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Premium subscription - no mentions of retweet data

Pedigree UK 18-Oct-2010 11:28:20

I'm just getting errors and messages saying no data for selected period when I click into these tabs when I know for a fact that I've got mentions and ReTweets. Any ideas what could be causing this? This data is effectively my only reason to have a premium account. Thanks

Sam Wierema 19-Oct-2010 03:16:37

It usually takes up to 6 hours to gather all the statistics for your account. Could you tell me if the tabs are working for you now?

Pedigree UK 19-Oct-2010 07:44:44

The tabs are working now, but RT and mention data is only going back a couple of weeks despite the Twitter account being tracked since May. Is this normal as I was really hoping to get historic data for at least a couple of full months? Thanks

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