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Twittermail not sending to twitter

A. LoRay 12-Oct-2010 11:47:33

Hey there just like the subject states my twittermail is not sending to my twitter and i have done pretty much everything to self-help myself to figure out what the problem is on my own with no working results so can someone or a staff person help me out cause i would really like to tweet from my phone again :-)

Eagle Rock Weather 15-Oct-2010 21:20:14

I'm having the same issue. It just stopped working on Oct 1. Have tried all the "self-help" I've seen posted for others with the same experience. Would appreciate some help.

Sam Wierema 18-Oct-2010 04:48:10

Could you both confirm that you have granted access to The Visitor Widget application in your Twitter settings?

Another thing you could try is emptying your Twittermail address and saving the settings. It should generate a new address that you can use.

Please let me know the above.

Eagle Rock Weather 18-Oct-2010 21:49:04

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, The Visitor Widget has access under my Twitter settings.

I tried several times to blank out and generate new email addresses, but it still doesn't work.

I'm not sure what else to try.


Sam Wierema 19-Oct-2010 03:38:53

Are you perhaps sending tweets to Twittermail via an alias?

A. LoRay 20-Oct-2010 17:22:23

Yes i have the Visitor Widget accessed and i have tried the blanking out the addresses to create a new one but nothing works is there a way i can just delete this account and start over anew?

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