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Victor Goossens 02-Oct-2010 07:37:46

I am getting more and more followers (see it by enails) but the counter is nit moving higher?

Victor Goossens 02-Oct-2010 07:38:00


Pablo Román 03-Oct-2010 12:07:47

Hi Victor. I don't really know what you mean. Could you explain more about your problem? Thanks

Sam Wierema 05-Oct-2010 04:01:48

Hi Victor, this is probably a cache related issue. The counter button should update by itself after a while or by pressing "Update stats now" at the top of your stats page.

Victor Goossens 05-Oct-2010 07:59:31

Thanks, but can't see the update stats now? on which webpage? Counter doesn't go automatic?

Sam Wierema 05-Oct-2010 08:23:40

It should be at the top of this page when you're logged in. Or, alternatively, on this page

It's right next to the headline "victorgoossens twitter statistics".

Victor Goossens 05-Oct-2010 08:33:52

thanks pressed it, but still stays the same, whereas i get 5 ot 6 emails per day, people start following me, so the counter doesn't work

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