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Twittermail not working

WI Incident Alert 24-Sep-2010 19:25:42

Hello, I can't get twittermail to work. I have 2 accounts and for some reason one never works.
It also tells me I am using the wrong email address when I try logging into dashboard.

Here is the email I always get.

You just tried to send an e-mail to twittermail, but your login details are not working anymore.
Maybe you changed your twitter password in the meanwhile since you registered at Twittermail?
Please goto to re-register.
The Twitter API said:
Could not authenticate with OAuth. (17441699)

Thanks for any help with this.

Sam Wierema 27-Sep-2010 06:09:41

If you could do the following: log out of Twittercounter and log in again (with both accounts). It is important for the use of Twittermail that we're allowed to use your account to post to Twitter.

WI Incident Alert 28-Sep-2010 11:10:55

Hello, yep I tried that several times. Twitter even shows.
You've allowed the following applications to access your account
* Twittercounter_logo2009 The Visitor Widget by The Visitor Widget.

When I try to log into dashboard it always shows I am using the wrong email or password. When I send for new password it shows "Please enter a valid email address"

Sam Wierema 29-Sep-2010 05:20:45

Did you subscribe to our Premium Dashboard?

Could you try resetting your Twittermail address? Go to and empty your Twittermail address and save. It should automatically create a new address for you after that.

WI Incident Alert 29-Sep-2010 08:54:26

Just the free dashboard I tried logging into.
I cleared the Twittermail address and hit save, all that did was put the same address back in the box.

Sam Wierema 29-Sep-2010 08:59:19

We have no free dashboard, so I think you don't have a subscription to this.

I will check out the Twittermail issue in more detail and see where the error gets generated. I'll have more details soon.

WI Incident Alert 29-Sep-2010 09:12:35

Thanks a lot

epitaphps 03-Oct-2010 03:07:42

do i use the twittermail to log in the dashboard¿?
i just lost 20 minutes of my life :-)trying to get in

WI Incident Alert 04-Oct-2010 10:03:20

Interesting. Twitter has a problem with everyone showing 0 followers & 0 following. But now everything is working fine for me. Coincidence ?

epitaphps 04-Oct-2010 10:28:21

guess i'm too old for this all. I gave up

WI Incident Alert 04-Oct-2010 11:42:37

Now that twitter fixed the follower problem, my twittermail stopped working again :-(

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