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I'm having trouble uploading a picture via Twittermail.

Ashley 04-Sep-2010 23:08:32

Is there a proper way to upload besides just attaching a pic? I've already tried twice with attaching it. Or, is their a time lapse between sending the message and uploading?

Thank You!

Sam Wierema 09-Sep-2010 04:25:05

I'm not sure why it's not uploading. Do you get any response from Twittermail?

Ashley 09-Sep-2010 04:49:50

No one has responded yet.

Sam Wierema 09-Sep-2010 04:51:18

I meant have you received an error email from Twittermail, but it's clear that you haven't. Have you tried resetting your Twittermail address? You can do so by emptying your current address and saving. A new address should automatically be made.

Ashley 09-Sep-2010 05:22:16

I just reset it and it still doesn't work. It's fine. I can use another uploader via email. Thanks!

Paul 12-Sep-2010 17:44:20

I had the same problem when trying it first but I fiddled around with the settings and it worked. Try this:

Under settings, on the Twittermail (settings) tab change the “What to Tweet” option to “Subject and Message”. When sending a tweet with a picture in then use the subject for the caption and attach the picture normally.

This worked for me.

Ashley 13-Sep-2010 05:21:57

Thanks! That works!!!

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