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double account

sheila kartika 26-Aug-2010 07:34:23

hi, im very pleased with weekly stats update. but something wrong with it. I'm managing @telapak Twitter and get weekly update to my email but suddenly this week I get weekly stats email for my own account which is @sheilakartika

then when I try to login to twittercounter with Telapak account, it keeps redirecting log in to @sheilakartika account.
Can you explain me what happened? and what am I supposed to do?

Sam Wierema 26-Aug-2010 08:08:26

That's strange. Are you sure you are logged in as @telapak on Twitter? Can you also try to remove the cookies for and let me know if that helps?

Telapak 28-Aug-2010 00:24:34

hi Sam. thank you for the fast reply. I found the problem is in Twitter account, problem with password and stuff. but it is already fixed now.
thank you so much.

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