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Twittermail not working

Inforplan 24-Aug-2010 05:29:15

I always get the same error mail when I send a mail to my twittercounter mail address:

Hello from Twittermail!,You just tried to send an e-mail to twittermail, but your login details are not working anymore.
.Maybe you changed your twitter password in the meanwhile since you registered at Twittermail?

Please goto to re-register.

Your message:

The Twitter API said:
Incorrect signature (110807532)

Thanks for using Twittermail.

Sam Wierema 25-Aug-2010 02:52:38

Have you tried to clear your Twittermail address? It should make a new secret address for you. Most of the time this resolves the problem.

Inforplan 25-Aug-2010 02:59:07

It doesn't work. I have changed my twittermail address but I get the same error.

Thanks in advance.

lakshmikanthan 23-Oct-2010 23:46:22

The description can't be left blank.

lakshmikanthan 23-Oct-2010 23:46:41


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