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Can I get follower data greater than 90 days back?

Donald Harris 12-Aug-2010 13:02:25

Basically what I want to know is can I get more than 90 days of data on tracking my follower count?

Pablo Román 13-Aug-2010 05:00:21

Hi Donald. We are developing a Twittercounter premium account that will allow you to see up to 1 year stats. Find out more here: and let us know if you're interested so we'll contact you when it's ready (pretty soon! :) )

Donald Harris 16-Aug-2010 09:04:22

Yes is there a way I could beta this for you? I am trying to write up a report on one of the twitter accounts I manage and I can't seem to get Data from any where on the net further back than 90 days.

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