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twittermail and twitpic

sfbc mediacenter 06-Aug-2010 15:06:50

hi, twittermail is not including a link to twitpic when a pic is attached. please advise.

Sam Wierema 09-Aug-2010 04:46:29

There could be several reasons as to why this is happening. Do you receive any errors/notifications from Twittermail when posting?

sfbc mediacenter 09-Aug-2010 13:56:10

when sending directly from twitpic, the pic posts without error.

please advise.


sfbc mediacenter 09-Aug-2010 13:58:40

sorry, about the error above. i do not receive any error messages from twittermail. the message posts without error and the pic is missing. when posting directly from twitpic, the pic posts. i have verified that the all passwords are correct. please advise.

Sam Wierema 11-Aug-2010 06:05:46

We're looking into this, will let you as soon as I have more information.

sfbc mediacenter 03-Sep-2010 16:40:46

hi. twittermail to twitpic is working now. thank you.

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