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twittercounter number not same as on twitter page

MDLinx 05-Aug-2010 09:26:29

Our stats on twittercounter shows a much lower follower count than on our twitter page. There is no longer an update stats link to refresh the count.

ONMARUS 05-Aug-2010 09:50:20

I've got the same problem, anybody knows the solution?

Pablo Román 05-Aug-2010 09:58:32

Hi, might be that you got more followers since the last time we updated your account. We do it at least every day, but you can force a refresh if you wish.

MDLinx 05-Aug-2010 10:00:05

Thanks for the update. I used to see a "update stats" button or link, but I don't see one any more.

MDLinx 05-Aug-2010 10:01:14

Yes, it is working correctly now! Thank you!

#FunFamilyFreebies 05-Aug-2010 13:24:07

I just signed up - you show I have 66 followers, but Twitter says I have 205!!!!!! This service is not worth the time I spent to install (and then un-install) your button!

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