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Emails are being sent to my address but I am not receiving them

BioGal 05-Aug-2010 05:22:31

Emails that are being sent to my address are not being forwarded to my gmail address. There doesn't seem to be any way of accessing a inbox on your site. Where are these emails going?

Maurits Meester 05-Aug-2010 14:13:28

your is not an emailadress you can receive email on. If you send a message to your address we will post that tweet for you. The tab twittermail explains everything.

BioGal 06-Aug-2010 01:50:37

Yes, but the tab twittermail also says that you can receive replies via email - I assumed that this meant providing this email address to twitter allowed correspondance (forwarded to my personal gmail account as listed on my settings page for twittercounter). I registered this twittermail address with, then my account was hacked and the password changed. The reset instructions have been sent to this twittermail account. I expected that they would be forwarded to my gmail account. They have not been and I cannot access Twitter anymore. Please could you advise as to how any mail sent to this twittermail account can be forwarded to a gmail account.

Many thanks.

Pablo Román 06-Aug-2010 03:45:47

Hello, send me an email to pablo[at] and I'll help you to recover your password

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