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I had 7745 followers on my website today the twitter counter udate had changed it to 127 what has gone wrong

Chireal Shallow 01-Aug-2010 14:43:30

the twitter counter is incorrect please help i dont know how to fix this

Pablo Román 01-Aug-2010 15:04:53

Hi, we had some caching issues, everything should be working fine now. Should it happen again, press 'Update stats now' at the top of your stats page.

Chireal Shallow 02-Aug-2010 15:43:21

Tis porblem has not resolved, please tell me what i should do, i have only 129 now, and your twitter counter chnged the number on my website which was 7745 last night. Please can you ehlp me sort it.

Chireal Shallow 02-Aug-2010 15:49:14

I should mention that my wesbite said, 7745, twitter counter said 129 and my bkackberry app said 138........what is going on, and can i do something about this, do i need the twitter counter if it cant get things in sync

Pablo Román 03-Aug-2010 02:28:03

Your stats are being tracked just fine. If you go to your Twitter profile, you can see how the numbers match with TwitterCounter.

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