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My Twitter conter is showing wrong count again. Please help.

AnimatedTutor 28-Jul-2010 11:33:34

Is someone hacking your system? Why does my counter show I gain over 430 people over night. My real twitter account says I have 171. I really like your counter and want to use it but it has to be accurate. Please help. Thanks.

Sam Wierema 28-Jul-2010 11:39:45

There was a caching issue and that seems to have been resolved right now. Pressing "Update stats now" helps most of the time.

AnimatedTutor 28-Jul-2010 15:40:02

Thanks. It's fixed.

Alison Blackman 29-Jul-2010 07:39:19

My twittercounter widget for @advicesistes says I have 18 followers when I really have 2,037. This is making me look bad since I have the widget on my blog--is anyone looking into this?

Sam Wierema 29-Jul-2010 07:42:35

Is resolved now.

Alison Blackman 29-Jul-2010 07:46:31

Thank you Sam, it appears to be. But the same thing happened yesterday. I hope this is a permanent fix?

Xcel Energy Center 30-Jul-2010 10:48:00

We have 1617 followers and it's only showing that we have 400 and some. Can you help us fix it? Thanks!

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