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Twitter Button - Wrong # of Followers

Cori Benson 28-Jul-2010 01:07:42

According to my twitter button it says I have 114 followers, but according to twitter it says 222. How is that possible? How do I change it?

Sam Wierema 28-Jul-2010 03:46:18

Hi, pressing "Update stats now" at the top of your page should resolve the issue.

Cover Me 28-Jul-2010 09:25:02

I'm having the same problem (I think). The follower account is right everywhere EXCEPT the Big Bird button, which is the one I want. Where is this "Update stats now" button exactly? Thanks!

Sam Wierema 28-Jul-2010 09:48:08

Might have been old cache. Seems to be fixed now.

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