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Showing "Maint." on TwitterCounter button

Abhilash Ashok 24-Jul-2010 13:23:03

Hi. I've created a new Twitter account for my website. The twittercounter button is showing as "main".

Why is that due to?
I'm also getting the "maint" when I tried to preview the same in "My Button" section of this website.
Is this an internal issue?
Can somebody please tell me, how to fix this?

Sam Wierema 25-Jul-2010 04:48:44

This issue was probably due to the fact that we had no data for you yet. We have now and the button seems to work.

Dmitri Nеstеruk 04-Nov-2010 02:32:42

I have the same problem - it only appeared recently. Used to show the # of subscribers, now just 'maint' :( :(

Sam Wierema 04-Nov-2010 08:06:47

Usually an update of your statistics (using "Update stats now" at the top of your page) resolves this issue. This clears the current cache and refreshes the button.

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