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Visitors showing in stats but not on widget

Mathaba News 22-Jul-2010 12:03:17

Hi, there are 5 visitors showing on but on the widget itself ( for example) there are only example visitors being shown. Is there some really long delay, or is this a bug? Thanks

Greg Gerber 07-Aug-2010 15:58:45

I've had the same problem for ages...

Mathaba News 07-Aug-2010 23:49:16

Not only that, now it seems to be permanently on "sorry maintenance" mode? Is that with you too?

Pablo Román 09-Aug-2010 04:35:58

@mathaba that bug should be fixing now, thanks for noticing.

@greb_gerber what is the url where your widget is installed so I can have a look?

Mathaba News 09-Aug-2010 08:22:02

@pablo ahh :) we just sent couple tweets to you ... fixING it may be, not quite fixED :) but we're watching it. It's showing example visitors for now, not those that are in the widget stats.

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