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You not showing messing up display

Mathaba News 21-Jul-2010 21:44:49

Please see the images on left and right at before and after cookie deletion. OS Ubuntu 9.04, Browser FF3.

Mathaba News 21-Jul-2010 22:01:32

After logging in again here at TC, then the left image with the missing gap bug (where it should show our own ID) is there again.

Pablo Román 23-Jul-2010 05:17:38

Should be fixed now. Thank you for reporting this.

Mathaba News 24-Jul-2010 00:10:03

You're welcome, and thanks for fixing it! However, a question: your own Twitter shows up in our visitors stats page, however, on the actual widget itself, you don't show up, nor any of the other 6 visitors listed/shown in the stats. Is that "as designed"? Do people only show up on the widget if they actually add themselves there, but they show up in the stats whether or not they add themselves? Can you explain this discrepancy as it's not clear why the stats page shows 6 people but the widget still only shows "example" people.

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