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need some way to customize a CSS rule !!!

tech help blog 21-Jul-2010 11:01:21

hi ...i built up a little project & i used the widget from twitter counter the widget is in side bar on the right side .I need some way to turn the background off !

#tc_remote .tc_row {
background:none repeat scroll 0 0 #555D68;

,or better turn it into ( background:none repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;!important;) .I putt a style sheet in the body tag before and after the widget code .It don't work !!

Have some won an idea ?

tech help blog 21-Jul-2010 11:01:48

tech help blog 21-Jul-2010 11:02:03 link to project

Sam Wierema 22-Jul-2010 02:23:14

As far as I know it's not possible using just CSS. This page probably has the answer you need:

tech help blog 22-Jul-2010 19:58:12

hey nice thx a lot !

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