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Why does the widget not appear in my blog on the FireFox browser, but it does on IE (where it works perfectly, thanks)?

BioGal 18-Jul-2010 05:33:52

There is just a title VISITORS when you look in FFox, but the whole widget is there in IE.

Sam Wierema 18-Jul-2010 09:34:36

There should not be a difference between browsers. Could you tell me the URL of your blog, so we can take a look?

BioGal 18-Jul-2010 17:19:05

I've put the widget at the bottom of the left sidebar - the title VISITORS is visible.

Thank you!

Pablo Román 19-Jul-2010 03:17:29

Hello, I've had a look and everything works fine in both browsers. Are you still having this problem? If this is the case, would you send me a screenshot to pablo@twittercounter...?

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