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Can you recommend a blog or website to sign up with to paste your code to?

The Queen 16-Jul-2010 18:12:05

I am trying to copy the code to an angel fire website, I have not asked their designers if it is possible to get the counter of people visiting your twitter onto the angel fire blog or website , but I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a free blog or website that work?

Sam Wierema 18-Jul-2010 09:37:32

We know that a lot of hosted services do not allow external Javascript to be integrated on their website. What I would like to know first however is: are you trying to copy the code for the button or the widget?

The Queen 20-Jul-2010 13:09:50

I am trying to copy the code for the button. Do you think the widget would work better?

Sam Wierema 21-Jul-2010 07:16:31

The button works with most hosted blog services. Usually they don't allow external javascript, so we've made a workaround for that, you can find that on the Buttons page in the last paragraph.

The Queen 21-Jul-2010 13:13:49

Oh, but the button only shows your followers. I'm wanting to see the users who view my twitter page. How can I do that?

Sam Wierema 22-Jul-2010 02:20:39

Unfortunately the widget is a different story all together. Because of its reliance on Javascript to make it work, it will not work in a lot of hosted blogging services (eg., Blogger). I don't know whether Angelfire allows it, but you could try. Just paste the code generated by the Twitterwidget page into your HTML and see if it shows up.

The Queen 22-Jul-2010 09:18:41

Ok. I will try and let you and everyone know, but do you have another blog site or website host that you know this widget works with?

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