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How come my published tweet did not contain a link to the tweet after my cut off phrase?

Antoinette Nue 15-Jul-2010 09:59:22

I just tested tweetmail. I had 117 characters before my cutoff phrase and an equal amount after the cutoff phrase, but there was no link in the published tweet directing followers to the rest of the tweet. It was as if my tweet ended at the cut off phrase.

Sam Wierema 16-Jul-2010 09:44:20

Hi Antoinette, could you send me the link (on Twitter) to the specific status you posted?

Antoinette Nue 16-Jul-2010 09:58:21

Here's the email I sent; I couldn't find the tweet - it was too far down my stream:

Testing twitter mail because sometimes what I have to say is exceedingly important and absolutely will not fit into cut off here the space of 140 characters. Whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words probably had a limited vocabulary

My cut off phrase is "cut off here"; my username is gogreenurway

Sam Wierema 16-Jul-2010 09:59:46

Hi Antoinette. Looking into this, will get back to you soon.

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