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cannot post images

鎌田裕二@ホームページビルダー教室 04-Jul-2010 20:33:43

cannot post image via twittermail. message is posted, image is not.

Sam Wierema 05-Jul-2010 05:21:05

Do you get a response email from Twittermail with an error message?

鎌田裕二@ホームページビルダー教室 05-Jul-2010 05:29:34

No, I do not receive any mail from Twittermail. Posting image used to work. Now, only the msg is posted.

Sam Wierema 07-Jul-2010 04:40:46

Did you change your password on Twitpic?

kaz_mamimu 14-Jul-2010 01:02:31

I also have the same problem as yours.

Only messages are posted. images are not.
If only an image is sent without message, then nothing happens on twitter.

Any setting changes haven't been done, but suddenly it gets not to work.

Any ideas?

waDNR 04-Jun-2012 16:53:26

We have been having the same problem since the update approx. six weeks ago. Any solutions? Settings are correct but the images won't post unless we go directly to the Twitter website and post from our account. Thank you!

Siddhartha Room 130 18-Jan-2013 09:31:50

I am a new user of TwitterCounter and posting an image by email was the number one thing I wanted to do and I guess it doesn't work. Any updates since June of 2012?

Rey Caacbay 28-Jan-2013 05:28:55

Hi there,
We haven't had any other issues reported since June 2012. Can you email the link of the tweet to: support (at) twittercounter (dot) com, so we can further investigate?

waDNR 28-Jan-2013 12:45:58

You never answered the question when we asked it in June and we are still having the problem.

There is no link to send, only that when we send tweets with a photo attached via Twitter Mail the tweet posts without the photo. It looks just like a tweet staged without an attached photo. We have contacted Twitter Mail many, many times regarding this issue and have yet to recieve a response or solution. I appreciate your response now and will be contacting your customer support again.

Thank you,

Social Media Coordinator
Washingotn Department of Natural Resources

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