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Different views showing different data

TweetSmarter 27-Jun-2010 11:37:38

Monthly vs. weekly followers chart showing VERY different data for most of the recent week.

TweetSmarter 28-Jun-2010 16:26:50

Actually, I see that Monthly and 3-month no longer include the current week = different problem
They end on 24 Jun. (but still have a "tomorrow" data point)
The current week ends on 28 Jun

TweetSmarter 28-Jun-2010 16:28:52

Note that our name changed early on June 25. I imagine that this has something to do with the issue since that is when the charts stopped tracking.

Was @Twitter_Tips is now @TweetSmarter

Sam Wierema 29-Jun-2010 08:12:58

It seems to be a problem with an update to the cache. The graphs should be correct now.

TweetSmarter 29-Jun-2010 14:14:36

Thanks, Sam!! Much appreciated :)

TweetSmarter 03-Jul-2010 20:28:45

It's doing it again.

Sam Wierema 04-Jul-2010 14:24:59

I'll be looking into it tomorrow, seems to be persistent.

TweetSmarter 04-Jul-2010 22:57:48

Thanks, Sam!

TweetSmarter 09-Jul-2010 23:05:43

Any ETA on a fix?

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