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Wordpress strips out code from Twitter Widget 21-Jun-2010 13:22:50

Wordpress strips out the

Sam Wierema 22-Jun-2010 03:11:10

Are you talking about or are you talking about a custom install of Wordpress? 22-Jun-2010 12:12:00

Hi Sam. I have both and sites. I have tested this on both with identical results.



Sam Wierema 23-Jun-2010 04:12:42

Hi Rick, I know that strips out external Javascripts for security reasons. Where are you trying to place the Javascript in the website (I mean within wp-admin)? 23-Jun-2010 12:02:08

Hi Sam. I was trying to put it in a text box widget. I have to go through prickly developers to do it any other way on the .org site so I am not going to go that route. If the text box widget is not an option then I will abandon.

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