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Stat counter just plain doesn't work!

OldMaidWhovian 18-Jun-2010 20:56:17

OK, so you copy and paste the stat counter to one of your blogs, and it's supposed to tell you about your visitors to Twitter....well, not my widget!

Does this thing even work? And if it does, how the heck do you make it work--I can't even bring up any stats on this website!

Thinking this whole excercise was a waste of my time...but if someone out there, wants to give me some directions to make the widget--and this website actually do what it says it's supposed to do...great.

Sam Wierema 20-Jun-2010 11:26:10

Our Widget tells you who of all the visitors to your website has been logged in to Twittercounter via Twitter. So if I were to visit your website you would see me appear in the Widget as having visited your site. Does that explain things?

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