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Twittercounter count is way off!

Johnny Profane 02-Jun-2010 15:00:43

I'm a "premium" customer, meaning I paid for the premium dashboard. Unfortunately, the counts on two of my accounts are way off, as in well over a thousand people short. And they are both showing bizarre stats: One account is showing nearly 600 new followers a day, which of course is not happening.

Can you sort this out, please? I login as jmknapp53, ,


Sam Wierema 03-Jun-2010 03:43:08

Hi John, accounts being way off could be because of a couple of things, mainly because we've just started tracking a user and we don't have much data available. Clicking on "Update stats now" always helps in getting the latest statistics for a user. If you experience any more problems could you contact me at sam [at]

Johnny Profane 03-Jun-2010 10:44:04

Hmm, I don't find "update stats now" on the premium dashboard page?

This situation has continued for days. How long until your system catches up? We are talking about nearly 2,000 followers missing!


Sam Wierema 03-Jun-2010 10:54:41

Hi John, you can find the "Update stats now" link on each individual's page, right next to the title. Our system is built to take a snapshot of each user each day, so it should catch up quickly.

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