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How come my "Visitors overview" does not generate any result anymore?

Nicola Hinz 01-Jun-2010 16:19:28

At first it only seemed to show those visitors that didn't follow me and that were not followed by me. Now,, it doesn't provide any data on visitors anymore, instead:
"Sorry, no results found for your search criteria" - What's wrong?

Pablo Román 02-Jun-2010 05:52:11

Hello Nicki,

It seems like you don't have any visitors yet. Try putting the widget in your blog and tell your visitors to login in Twittercounter so they can appear in your overview.

Nicola Hinz 02-Jun-2010 06:00:21

Ok, thank you - so I completely misunderstood the situation and the visitor list I saw was not for my account at all? I thought it seemed strange. I get it now - people who are counted as visitors also have to be registered anyway, right?

Pablo Román 02-Jun-2010 06:07:44

Yes, you are right :)

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