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where do I have to paste the code in my blog?

Héctor López Neri 22-May-2010 15:15:47

I need to know where exactly it has to be

Sam Wierema 24-May-2010 06:40:44

Hi Hector, I can not help you with this question unless you have specific details about your blog. Is it a Wordpress blog, or maybe some other CMS? Have you tried asking the makers of the blog CMS for help? Please provide more specific details.

Héctor López Neri 24-May-2010 11:17:41

I´m using blogger and I have inserted codes in it, always with the reference where to put it. Thank you

Sam Wierema 25-May-2010 06:03:54

Hi Hector, it seems that Blogger does not allow integration from third-party domains outside of Google Sites (for example: Therefore it does not seem possible to integrate your widget into your Blogger template. You can turn to Blogger support for more support on this issue.

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