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A random space gets deleted in tweets?

thimbleful 11-May-2010 09:10:47

When I send tweets through twittermail, my short tweets are generally fine, but otherwise I will get a random space deleted between words. What the heck? :( It's not like I'm over the 140 limit. It really bugs me.

Sam Wierema 11-May-2010 10:30:39

Do you have an example?

thimbleful 11-May-2010 10:40:55

Okay, maybe it's my apps. Not sure what's going on. In Twidroid, this looks like a deleted space; on the mobile browser, it looks like a line break. So weird.

Sam Wierema 12-May-2010 05:56:48

Hmm, looks like a line break in a web browser as well. Although I'm not quite sure where to look. Possibly Twidroid removes line breaks in their client. Or do you find that spaces get deleted in other clients as well?

thimbleful 12-May-2010 08:52:22

I guess Twidroid just removes line breaks. I haven't really tried any other twitter apps for my phone... Just installed the official Twitter app and it is also showing line breaks like the browsers do. =/

Any idea as to why I'm getting the random line break? I'm definitely not putting it there... that I know of. I use Outlook for my e-mail, though, so it might do some sort of funky formatting thing I'm completely and totally unaware of.

Sam Wierema 13-May-2010 07:54:01

Could you send me and email? sam [at] twittercounter [dot] com

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