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TwitterMail not working using cfmail from a Coldfusion webpage. 21-Apr-2010 00:02:48

I'm trying to post to twitter via TwitterMail using the cfmail tag in Coldfusion whenever someone postes to my website ( However, it nevers posts to my twitter account. Can someone help me?

Sam Wierema 21-Apr-2010 13:06:59

Hi Robert, do you any response emails from Twittermail? 21-Apr-2010 17:14:07

Hi Sam,

No, but I'm using a email address that either I don't check or doesn't even exist. I'll change it tonight to my known email address and try it again. 22-Apr-2010 23:37:39


I changed the "from" email address to my personal email, tried to it again. Once again, it did not work and I did not receive a response from Twittermail.

I hope you can help me.


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