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Where do we 'login'....??

homrecker 16-Apr-2010 17:15:59

doesnt seem to be a link to 'login'....



Sam Wierema 16-Apr-2010 18:23:09

Hi Richard, login to what exactly? You can login to Twittercounter by using the link in the right top corner.

Devan Wright 22-Apr-2010 01:22:38

but it doesnt say login. it wants me to connect my twitter account ever time. why is that?

Sam Wierema 22-Apr-2010 13:39:49

That is the most accurate way for us to track your user statistics and it gives us a way to validate who you are. It makes sense that a Twitter service uses Twitter as authentication. Once you have connected, you have access to settings and the Twittermail service.

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