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How can I cancel my account

Zen Experience Spa 16-Apr-2010 07:34:18

I need to cancel my twitter counter as sales are very low.

Many thanks

Sam Wierema 16-Apr-2010 16:07:07

You can cancel your account by logging in to Paypal. There should be an active subscription to Twittercounter under "History". You can just cancel that.

Denise Gonçalves 23-Apr-2010 18:34:49

Este serviço é pago? Se for quero cancelar.

Zen Experience Spa 24-Apr-2010 05:05:49

O twitter counter e $60 por mes.Para mim ajudou um pouco pois tenho um negocio. Se e para uso pessoal nao e necessario. Sandra

Sam Wierema 03-May-2010 04:01:54

Send me an email at sam [at] twittercounter [dot] com 13-Mar-2013 13:51:38

I have a business Paypal cant find you in there. Please cacel my subsciption for @hostpuppies and @advwestmoto

Do ot need the pro services anymore. thank you.

Rey Caacbay 15-Mar-2013 04:29:50

Hi there,
We're very sad to see you leave. As stated in our Terms of Service you are solely responsible for properly canceling your subscription.

Please follow the 3 easy steps below to deactivate you account:

1. Login with @hostpuppies and select "My subscriptions" (
2. Then please push the green "Show details" button.
3. Please push the "Stop Subscription" button.

Repeat the steps above for @advwestmoto.

If you require further information or support concerning the cancellation of your subscriptions, please email

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