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get only the current follower from api 13-Jul-2014 12:44:31

How can I get only the current follower from the api? It shows me always the whole stuff but I want only the current follower to show in my HTML file.

⇝‮.⚓ oiluJ   ⌨    ⇜‭ 28-Jul-2014 11:21:04

I think for what you're looking for you better try with the Buttons ( There's an option (below "King of code?") to insert only the number and customize it yourself with your own CSS.

The other option is to parse the received JSON from the API and show just the number you want. In order to do so I recommend you to cache the results at least for a day since normally users aren't updated more than once a day (unless you become a premium user, then you get hourly updates).

I hope I've answered your question. If you have any doubt, don't hesitate on ask again.

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