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Tweets haven't been posting through twittermail

Meteo24-Culemborg 13-May-2014 02:29:40

After 03:00 AM (CET) tonight (13-may) it is again not possible to send tweets through twittermail.
Tweets sent through twittermail do not arrive.

Is twittermail reliable at the moment?
No unfortunately not, this is the fourth failure in less than a month.
What goes wrong every time?

Meteo24-Culemborg 13-May-2014 07:38:32

It was a short outage this time, it works again.

Meteo24-Culemborg 15-May-2014 09:30:14

And again, since about 10:00 AM (CET) it fails to send tweets through twittermail anymore.

Come on guys, something to do here!

⇝‮.⚓ oiluJ   ⌨    ⇜‭ 15-May-2014 09:33:24

I'm sorry guys, we're working to upgrade our infrastructure so the issue with Twittermail won happen again. In the meantime (Murphy's law?) today we've had an outage on one of our DB servers. It's fixed now but it caused the whole website to be down during a few hours. Hopefully the upgrade we'll be ready at some point along this week so twittermail doesn't stop working anymore.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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