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Tweets haven't been posting sincce yesterday

Ulster Hose 5 02-May-2014 09:30:12

Tweets not posting from twittermail

Meteo24-Culemborg 02-May-2014 09:42:18

Here the same, since 1 May around 23:00 (CET) twittermail seems not to function. Tweets are not transmitted through twittermail anymore.
What is going wrong, it's the third failure in one or two weeks!

Sismologico Nacional 02-May-2014 14:43:39

Hello guys, It seems like the twittermail server is not acepting the emails. 2014/05/02 14:00 CDT. Thank you.

Sismologico Nacional 02-May-2014 14:51:12

14:43:50 sendmail[2291]: [ID 801593] s41Hv5ku019970: to=, ctladdr= (0/0), delay=1+01:46:45, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=esmtp, pri=9300453,, dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred: Connection refused by

Meteo24-Culemborg 05-May-2014 01:38:39

Three days have passed without any comment and it still does not work!!
When will be there a solution?

WI Incident Alert 05-May-2014 08:41:20

Same here. I am Premium $ 17 a month

Meteo24-Culemborg 06-May-2014 01:56:19

Here it's working again since yesterday, but for how long? Keep fingers crossed.

WI Incident Alert 06-May-2014 04:27:33

Worked again for yesterday too.

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