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Twittermail Not Sending (april 2014)

Forex Market Signals 16-Apr-2014 02:27:59

Hi, since 12 day Twittermail Not Sending to twitter...
Any clue ?

Katerina Petropoulou 23-Apr-2014 09:39:18


Apologies for the inconvenience. We are aware of the issue and we're working on identifying the cause. Unfortunately we cannot comment on when the tool will be back on.

Wetterstation Brienz 24-Apr-2014 08:48:16

Is a solution in sight?

Wetterstation Brienz 04-May-2014 00:13:12

Since 01/05/2014 Twitter Mail stops working again.

Forex Market Signals 04-May-2014 00:24:57

I suggest you to use‎, it's free and will do the job (and more than that) . I've use it now instead of twitter mail and i'm happy. regards.

Wetterstation Brienz 04-May-2014 05:59:58

Is too complicated for me, because my English is too bad.

Wetterstation Brienz 04-May-2014 06:09:14

How do I send e-mail with a tweet
Complicated it really is not now.

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